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Pumpkin Carving Mod

Pumpkin Carving Mod

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November Video Schedule Update

ayy lmaooooo Hihowareya, So I figured I should make a post about this just in case anyone may be curious about when I upload. Starting this week I’ll be uploading 2 videos per day on the weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). This schedule change would be good since I plan on uploading more Minecraft Minigames videos, and with that I need more time slots to fit them in. Schedules like the... »

Dat Update

hihowareya So since the last post I’ve gotten back the #passion to record again and I’ve already recorded a lot of new stuff. You may have seen I have posted more Simburbia, a new minigame (cops ‘n’ crims), and even more Spore. I’ve also started recording a few other series that you will see on my channel in the coming days! About the Waffloid Server, we have some goo... »

An Update On Things

hihowareya So as of late, I haven’t been very active when it comes to the Waffloid Server, my YouTube channel, or even Twitter. This is mainly because I haven’t been motivated to work on stuff such as recording new videos. The server seems to be fine on its own (special thanks to the mods) and there is still no 1.8 compatible build of Spigot out so we can’t update to 1.8 after ov... »