Upload Schedule


I’m currently doing a lot of off-camera work for Blightfall, so I may not upload a new episode for a week or two.

Current Time:

[*] Schedule subject to change at any time, follow @Waffleverse on Twitter for updates.

  • Series descriptions:
    • ARK: An open-world dinosaur survival game where you can tame various dinosaurs, build expansive bases, and explore exciting caves.
    • Blightfall: Minecraft modded adventure map that takes place on a tainted purple planet. Waffle must find a way to successfully colonize the planet for The Jaded.
    • Funday Monday: Anything that’s fun. This can range from short Minecraft custom maps, to multiplayer games, or even a bonus episode from one of the active series.
    • Jurassic World: Minecraft modded survival where Waffle brings back dinosaurs after millions of years of extinction and builds an expansive Jurassic Park for them.
    • Scorched Earth: ARK: Survival Evolved in the Scorched Earth expansion map.
    • Skyrim: Open world fantasy role-playing video game that takes place in the northern province of Tamriel.