• Minecraft Dinosaur Adventure

    Minecraft Dinosaur Adventure
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    Open-World Dinosaur Survival
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    Post-Apocalyptic Minecraft
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    Dinosaur Survival In The Desert
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    Minecraft Modded Survival

An Update On Things

hihowareya So as of late, I haven’t been very active when it comes to the Waffloid Server, my YouTube channel, or even Twitter. This is mainly because I haven’t been motivated to work on stuff such as recording new videos. The server seems to be fine on its own (special thanks to the mods) and there is still no 1.8 compatible build of Spigot out so we can’t update to 1.8 after over a month from its release. When it comes to recording sessions I can be overly critical of the session after recording it. This is especially true when it comes to SpaceCraft, which is one reason why it seems to be dead at the moment. Lately I just haven’t had much interest in playing Minecr... »

New Sub-Forum: Waffloid Server Towns!

hihowareya I just created a brand new sub-forum under The Waffloid Server Forum¬†where users can discuss towns they either own or are a part of! I thought this would be a nice addition to the website so users who are members of certain towns can have a place to talk about activities relating to their town, or just as a place to promote your town to new players. You can click here to visit the new sub-forum and start posting! :^D »

Minecraft 1.8 And The Waffloid Server

hihowareya So today is September 2nd, the day Minecraft 1.8 gets the long awaited release. In a previous news post I mentioned how the server will be retiring the old pre-1.7 world in favor of getting a new 1.8 survival world. Well the server is ready to update right here, right now, as we speak, so anything is possible. Well I am going to wait 3 days until I update the server, that should be enough time for active players to move their items and such to the 1.7 spawn. After which I will update the server to 1.8, get the new survival world running, and keep all 3 survival worlds running for another 3 days. This is just in case anyone wants to move their stuff from the old survival to the new... »

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