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The Nibble Season 2?

hihowareya, So last year I had a series called The Nibble which was basically a series where I play a different game each episode and the viewers would let me know whether or not I should continue that game in its own series. It was fairly successful with a few games being greenlighted for a series, but I totally forgot to make series on those games lol. I originally planned on making about 10 episodes for The Nibble before actually starting any series for it, but I ended up having so much fun making the series that we ended up with 14 episodes. Now I’m thinking of possibly making this a yearly series, kind of like Spore in the summer, where we would have The Nibble in the Fall and the... »

November Video Schedule Update

ayy lmaooooo Hihowareya, So I figured I should make a post about this just in case anyone may be curious about when I upload. Starting this week I’ll be uploading 2 videos per day on the weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). This schedule change would be good since I plan on uploading more Minecraft Minigames videos, and with that I need more time slots to fit them in. Schedules like these have always been good for me as they encourage me to make more videos and more often. They also help motivate me when I feel lazy lol. And who knows, if the time comes I may make the schedule 2 videos a day every day again. Although that may not happen again until the summer. The way things are g... »

Dat Update

hihowareya So since the last post I’ve gotten back the #passion to record again and I’ve already recorded a lot of new stuff. You may have seen I have posted more Simburbia, a new minigame (cops ‘n’ crims), and even more Spore. I’ve also started recording a few other series that you will see on my channel in the coming days! About the Waffloid Server, we have some good news on that 1.8 update. Spigot recently made a post about the progress of their 1.8 update, and they’re projecting a release between early November and early December. This is some pretty good news considering it would be 2-3 months after 1.8’s release for us to finally update. I hope... »

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