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Will Be Away For 10+ Days Soon

hihowareya I’m going out of town for juicy business stuff in #LA on the 27th, so I won’t be here to deal with anything that breaks or any ban disputes or anything like that. I should be back on March 9th or 10th, so yeh. I’ll still be uploading videos on my channel on the usual days (Tuesday – Sunday) at the usual times (4pm on weekdays, 2pm on weekends) so the channel will still have fresh content every day as if I never left! So there you go if anyone is wondering why I may not be replying to stuff here for about 2 weeks. Hopefully the mods can fix most things that may go wrong doe. You can follow me on the instagrams, I might finally start using it on this trip to ... »

The Waffloid Server Now Accepting Helper Applications!

That’s right. If you’re interested in becoming a Helper on the server, be sure to fill out this form, or by clicking the big blue button below. So what is the Helper rank? The Helper rank is sort of the bridge between a regular player and a moderator. A Helper has access to commands such as /kick, /mute, /jail & /tempban. Helpers will fill the role that some moderators may be unable to do, while at the same time not having too much power. We don’t have too many active moderators these days, and I must gain a lot of trust from someone to make them a moderator. So this will help bridge that gap and let me know if someone is fit for moderator, while at the same time helpin... »

December Channel Update (Happy Holidays!)

hihowareya It’s been a while since I’ve done a channel update on here, so might as well update everyone on what I have planned for the channel. So Christmas Shopper Simulator recently ended just in time for Christmas, and looks like I Am Bread will go on indefinite hiatus soon. Episode 8 of I Am Bread is when we beat the bathroom level, and there are currently no levels after that. So, looks like that series will be put on the side until they update and add more maps for me to play. Skygrind is also getting close to ending. We only have a few quests left until the end, so I’d say we only have about 5 or so episodes left at least. Playing Skygrind and even Simburbia a few mo... »

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