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The Waffloid Server Is Officially Closed

Hi there, As stated in my last post a long time ago, the server was going to shut down on November 4th. And earlier this morning I took it offline for the very last time. I hope you all have enjoyed the experiences you’ve had on the server these last 2.5 years! I will be putting the world downloads up soon so you can continue playing whether it be in singleplayer or on another server. World Downloads: 1.7 Survival – Download (2.09GB) 1.8 Survival – Download (4.45GB) Donorland – Download¬†(266.9MB) Remember: if you’re trying to use a command or go into creative mode, you may need to Open To Lan and Enable Cheats in order to do so. Let me know if there are problems... »

In Regards to The Waffloid Server

hihowareya, As many of you know, I haven’t been doing much to the server as of late, let alone logging on in general. Most of you probably know that my YouTube channel has received tremendous growth over the past few months, and that’s in part to me dedicating more time to it. Over the summer I started uploading 2 videos a day, 13 videos a week, and that took up most of my time. I may continue uploading 2 videos a day to please my newfound 40,000 or so subscribers I’ve gained in the past few months. This on top of me planning on going back to college next semester, and of course keeping a decent social life, would mean I would neglect this server that much more. So I have d... »

Back From #TheTrip

ayy That’s right, I didn’t die on #TheTrip, so that means I’m back! I’m still kinda jet lagged though, so may not resume videos until Wednesday! But we’ll have to see how things go! »

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