New Survival World Coming Soon!

hihowareya, As stated in a recent forum thread, the server will be getting a brand-spankin’ new survival world as soon as Minecraft 1.8 comes out and as soon as Spigot has a build for it! Of course to make sure the server doesn’t explode from having 3 giant survival worlds, we’ll have to part ways with the original survival world from 2013 :^( If there are many people interested, I could provide a download link for that world as soon as it gets decommissioned. In the days or weeks waiting for the server to update I highly advise you move any of your valuables from the old world to the 1.7 survival world so you don’t lose any valuables when the old survival gets delete... »

The Waffloid Server Summer Sale!

To celebrate people starting to get on delicious summer break, I decided to have a Summer Sale for ranks on The Waffloid Server! From June 1st until June 8th you can save 25% OFF all ranks! This means Delicious rank, normally $25, is now $18.75! Emerald rank, normally $20, is now $15! And even the lower ranks get a significant discount! So if you haven’t already, be sure to take advantage of this awesome sale before it ends on June 8th! :^D »

New plugin: Reporter

Hello Waffloids I just added the Reporter plugin to the server! This plugin allows you to report grief to the mods whether they are online or offline! You can also report other things such as rules being broken, h4x, or other things you think the mods need to know. Below you can find some helpful tips on how to use it. For regular players: /report ! [description] – This will send a general report to the mods. You can use this to report grief or anything else that doesn’t specify another player /report [player] [description] – This will send a report that specifies another player. You can use this to report someone you catch griefing, hacking, or breaking other rules For mod... »

Server Now Compatible With MC 1.7.9

That’s right, if for some reason you’re using a 1.7.9 client you can now connect to the Waffloid server. Previous clients are still able to connect. Server IP: »

Website Is Back!

hihowareya Finally the website is back, but it’s not 100%. As you may notice there are a lot of things missing, such as the server page (which I’m working on rebuilding), but we also have a lot of new stuff! Such as the new forum! This is where most of the good stuff on the website will be. You can talk about whatever relating to my YouTube channel of my Minecraft server in the two forums available! If you had an account on the old website you will need to remake it since we have a new database! Will be adding more stuff Soon™ -Waffle »

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