The Waffloid Server Is Officially Closed

Hi there, As stated in my last post a long time ago, the server was going to shut down on November 4th. And earlier this morning I took it offline for the very last time. I hope you all have enjoyed the experiences you’ve had on the server these last 2.5 years! I will be putting the world downloads up soon so you can continue playing whether it be in singleplayer or on another server. World Downloads: 1.7 Survival – Download (2.09GB) 1.8 Survival – Download (4.45GB) Donorland – Download¬†(266.9MB) Remember: if you’re trying to use a command or go into creative mode, you may need to Open To Lan and Enable Cheats in order to do so. Let me know if there are problems... »

In Regards to The Waffloid Server

hihowareya, As many of you know, I haven’t been doing much to the server as of late, let alone logging on in general. Most of you probably know that my YouTube channel has received tremendous growth over the past few months, and that’s in part to me dedicating more time to it. Over the summer I started uploading 2 videos a day, 13 videos a week, and that took up most of my time. I may continue uploading 2 videos a day to please my newfound 40,000 or so subscribers I’ve gained in the past few months. This on top of me planning on going back to college next semester, and of course keeping a decent social life, would mean I would neglect this server that much more. So I have d... »

The Waffloid Server Now Accepting Helper Applications!

That’s right. If you’re interested in becoming a Helper on the server, be sure to fill out this form, or by clicking the big blue button below. So what is the Helper rank? The Helper rank is sort of the bridge between a regular player and a moderator. A Helper has access to commands such as /kick, /mute, /jail & /tempban. Helpers will fill the role that some moderators may be unable to do, while at the same time not having too much power. We don’t have too many active moderators these days, and I must gain a lot of trust from someone to make them a moderator. So this will help bridge that gap and let me know if someone is fit for moderator, while at the same time helpin... »

The Waffloid Server 1.6 World Download

hihowareya So a few weeks ago we updated The Waffloid Server to 1.8 bidding a farewell to our old and original survival world. This world has been with us since the inception of the server and it holds a lot of memories, as well as a lot of data. With the world clocking in at around 7gb and the compressed size of about 4gb this took quite a while to get online, but now you can finally download it. Notice: Loading this world into singleplayer obviously won’t let you do any commands you could do on the server such as /home or /spawn or anything. You may download the world for free using the link below and use the world however you please. Whether it be to just play on the huge world and ... »

The Waffloid Server: 1.8 Update! [Please Read]

hihowareya So the day has finally come, we are now running Minecraft 1.8! This does mean a lot of things are likely broken and need to be fixed, so if you find something that isn’t working properly like a plugin or something else, be sure to to leave a comment down below so I can fix the issue! I will be working on adding the 1.8 survival world very soon. I am still looking for a good seed to use as the survival world (don’t want something dumb). So that may only be a day or so until I get that up. 1.8 world is now live! Other than that, hope you guys enjoy the 1.8 update! And remember to report and bugs or anything else that’s broken right here in the comments of this post... »

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