November Video Schedule Update

ayy lmaooooo
So I figured I should make a post about this just in case anyone may be curious about when I upload. Starting this week I’ll be uploading 2 videos per day on the weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). This schedule change would be good since I plan on uploading more Minecraft Minigames videos, and with that I need more time slots to fit them in. Schedules like these have always been good for me as they encourage me to make more videos and more often. They also help motivate me when I feel lazy lol. And who knows, if the time comes I may make the schedule 2 videos a day every day again. Although that may not happen again until the summer.

The way things are going with Spore getting close to ending (nearing the end of the Space Stage), and From Dust looking like it’s going to replace Spore, I think this is a good update for the channel. That and I want to get back to making some more of that juicy SpaceCraft. I also want to make my Mod Spotlights weekly again since they seemed to do really well last time I did them weekly. All that on top of some other things that may come in the future such as new custom maps to play with Wipper or someone else or maybe even playing another non-Minecraft game. Anything can happen, and that’s why I’m pretty excited for the channel’s future right now.

So basically the new video schedule will be as follows:
(give or take a few hours in case I need to reupload)

dat schedule yo

Times are listed in CDT / CST (UTC -5 / UTC -6)

I will be uploading every day, and twice a day on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday). I also plan on bringing back SpaceCraft and weekly Mod Spotlights as well as starting From Dust. The above photo outlines the times I will be uploading videos, give or take a few hours for when I need to reupload.

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  1. Karl - November 4, 2014, 4:20 am Report user

    awesome love ur vids so far

  2. TwinDrake - October 31, 2014, 9:09 pm Report user

    Nice schedule you got there. What time zone is this?

  3. Chef - October 30, 2014, 9:15 am Report user

    That’s a nifty table u have there