Dat Update


So since the last post I’ve gotten back the #passion to record again and I’ve already recorded a lot of new stuff. You may have seen I have posted more Simburbia, a new minigame (cops ‘n’ crims), and even more Spore. I’ve also started recording a few other series that you will see on my channel in the coming days!

About the Waffloid Server, we have some good news on that 1.8 update. Spigot recently made a post about the progress of their 1.8 update, and they’re projecting a release between early November and early December. This is some pretty good news considering it would be 2-3 months after 1.8’s release for us to finally update. I hope you’re as excited about the update as I am! Some new stuff that will come include a new survival world, new 1.8 blocks and mechanics, and possibly a creative plotworld.

Also on the note of The Waffloid Server, earlier this morning I paid off another 3 months of the server with the donation money we’ve received. So thank you very much greatgamerJDG, MEALBONE12, epic_mario_gamer, A_Z_Wozzeck, & Noah9282002 for helping support the server through your kind donations! So right now this means the server is paid for through to February 3rd, 2015 which is pretty good. If need be I’ll always be willing to throw in some of my #YouTubeMoney to help pay for either the Minecraft server or the Teamspeak server (which is currently paid for through February 25, 2015 I believe) so we are in no way in the red. I believe in full transparency when it comes to stuff like this, just so you guys know your kindly donated money is being put to good use back into the Minecraft server, Teamspeak server, or the website.


TL;DR: I have my #passion back for recording videos again. Spigot’s 1.8 update will come out between early November to early December. And the server/teamspeak/website finances are currently in a good spot.

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  1. gamergoomister - October 23, 2014, 8:10 pm Report user

    wow,thats great waffle,server isn’t what I was meaning about by the way,so glad you have your passion again 🙂

  2. AZWozzeck - October 21, 2014, 11:39 pm Report user

    I’m so excited! Can’t wait to start on that medieval town project once we get the 1.8 items and such. 😀

  3. TwinDrake - October 21, 2014, 5:37 pm Report user

    Can we see you on the server considering that we all miss you?

  4. Chef - October 21, 2014, 1:13 pm Report user

    This is great news! Hopefully in November I will be back on the server which is nice and hopey we can get some new people on in 1.8 update. Been a long time coming but at last we know when to expect the update.