• Waffle replied to the topic Urgent: the server will close on the 4th of nov 2015 in the forum General 2 years, 6 months ago

    @Steve184892 said:
    i will really miss this server but from today (sep 4 2015) its still a while before the server closes and i have gone through a server closing before (i was on it was the last day about 5 min before the server closed the owner came on and said hey guys it about 5 min so do what you wanted to do now before this server closes for good. then when it was 1 min until the server closed the owner said its time to go the server will close in 1 min then we all left and the server was gone) and that’s the story

    This is one reason I decided to end it now instead of later. I didn’t want to surprise anyone in November that the server would end in a few days. I wanted to give time for loyal players to finish whatever they were doing and look for a new server. I also delayed doing so until summer ended because I know a good portion of my player base is under 18, so they just want to spend their summer having fun. And I didn’t want to ruin that by ending it in the summer.