• Steve184892 posted an update 11 months ago

    I remember when we had a server that we could all play on. The good times and the bad times. The staff wasn’t to OP and we were friends despite rank. When all the plugins were’nt used for all their features too just look cool. When we had the “Coming Soon” portal that never opened up. The closed 4th floor in the warp zone that was never needed. The abandoned companion cube. Nobody was a powerhungry admin. We could make friends wad had so much and we just kept growing. The giant redhawk party that onetime happened. When we had Redhawk before people destroyed it for all of us. All those epic builds. All of the stores we had in the mall. When all of us were so serious about the new server. Even when box took a nap on his keyboard. We all seem to be disbanded now I hope we can one day find a server that we all like. ~Steve