• Kaneki replied to the topic Swearing from Neal in the forum Server Reports 2 years, 6 months ago

    Ok Let me get things straight, about why my swearing, begining to last, this starts 1 day before my swearing.

    We were having a roleplay on a snowy island, and we were talking in party chat, I was running away from Zerp and said: You crazy (B word) But it didnt bleep it, I appologized immidetly after and ZeroPoint00 didnt care and even said lol.

    Now is the day i was swearing, 3 days in a row now i have asked Steve and ZeroPoint00 to fix their mcdonalds because it was going through my house, now she answers: Do you want me to tell Rosie about you saying the “b word”? Now in my head i was thinking,”What the heck is going on with her? We’ve been friends for so long, why is she suddenly being mean”? So i said go right a frekin head! It shows you actually dont care about my (meow)ing feelings! Zerp: Neal did you just swear again? Me: (meow) Yeah i did! Piece of (Meow) mother (meow)er! Zerp: Ooh more things to mail Rosie. Me: Immature 6 year old girl!

    Now I don’t really remember much more that went on, more meows and more Zerp saying: ooh more reporting, anyways i rage from the server for about 2 minutes, and it came to my head to just quit, but instead i logged back on and did /ignore ZeroPoint00, now for the next 10 minutes she was placing signs in my starbucks about her reporting me, 10 minutes later she left, and 5 minutes later I left.