• ghswimmer started the topic The Waffloid Server Redux Offical in the forum General 1 year, 5 months ago

    Hey guys, so Steve, Grumpy, Great, and I are creating a new server! Right now we need funds from you former Waffloid server players. To donate the link is http://waffloidreduxproject.buycraft.net/ for those of you who do donate get a rank when we open the server. For those (like me) who do not have money to donate leave your minecraft user name and you and donors will get early entry to to the server! Right now, my goal is to get at least $50 dollars, which will run the server for ~9 months, but my goal is to get even more than that! Thank you for your time, as I develop the server, I will keep you updated, via Twitch (Proguns123) and Youtube (Also Proguns123)! Thank you for your time!