• gamergoomister replied to the topic Guild Wars in the forum General 2 years, 7 months ago

    As I’ve stated before the guild wars starts on june 27, but due to the small but still rising popularity on the server I’m going to make it so that from the 20th-25th each participating guild must register there guild for the guild wars. Though it may be silly I’d prefer and I’m guessing most of the guild members to would prefer to right away start the events (starting at 10am PST) rather than waiting to make sure everyone is qualified and lose half a day possibly.

    so I will repeat starting the 20th-25th guild registation will be open, if your guild is NOT registered by the time this period ends, your guild will not participate! There are 4 ways you can register during that time period:
    1. Send an email requesting to participate to me so I and ether send pics or the coordinates to the requirements that are needed to participate ( The Guild Hall, A Guild Flag, And A Guild Name) [Email: gamergoomister@gmail.com]
    2. Send a request though the forums requesting to participate with the coordinates to the requirements for inspection
    3. Mail me on the server [username: goomister] with coordinates to the requirements and a request to participate
    4. If I’m on the server send me a msg requesting to participate and I’ll send a TPA over to you to inspect the requirements