• gamergoomister replied to the topic Banned GrumpyCat109875 in the forum Ban Disputes 2 years, 8 months ago

    When ever this stuff comes up,and it ends up being a long fight I like to say something,of course I have no need to be in this conversation, but I shall any ways. GrumpyCat,you ask for waffles forgiveness if I’m not correct, and yet you have not once,but in fact broken the rules twice after already agreeing to them. Not to mention disrespecting multiple staff, being rude to others of the server and have lied on several occasion. At this point all I have to say is sorry, but you have chosen your path and you must face the consciences if you like it or not. Now I’m not waffle so I don’t get the final say, but hopefully after reading this you might understand that your situation is much dire than you might have expected. That is all I have to say and wish you good luck in trying to get your self out of this mess young one. No hard feelings.