• gamergoomister started the topic greif, and ready to kill ihazcookies in the forum Server Reports 2 years, 9 months ago

    Who remembers the pvp arena I built? well once again after have 7 different staff come look at it and help me fix it and try to stop players from greifing it,IT KEEPS HAPPENING…if you are one of those people who have griefed it,be ready because I’m pissed off are ready to do my own greifing, and yes the plot is protected,but for some reason it can still be griefed,now if waffle and some how fix this because no one else has been able to thats great,otherwise EVERYONE better be watching there backs!! I have had to keep up mantanence on it for so long use so much of my resources,and deal with to many problems that I have had it! So, to summerize this, ether stop greifing or changing the pvp arena, or I will start to greif you if the rules allow it or not!