• Did someone sort the situation yet? Was there a plugin derp or the region really wasnt protected? Who has rights to barn? Where you the only owner? Lots a factors To consider. Would really hate it if someone was able to bypass region perms and grief.

  • AZWozzeck started the topic Drama in the forum Server Reports 2 years, 11 months ago

    I really need to put this out there. I feel used and abused. I get called oppressive for temp banning someone that wouldn’t stop arguing or saying Hitler, Hail Hitler. I need more resources at my disposal for the times that people get muted, go to live map, come back start spouting inappropriate jokes. I want a system that works. That way people…[Read more]

  • New guy enters server, skull said not to advertise, he does it anyways. Someone suggested this thing… I’m not a knowledgeable person about plugins. Hoping something would help us out.

  • AZWozzeck replied to the topic More commands in the forum Suggestions 2 years, 11 months ago

    Hmmm, that seems complicated to me but we Mods are limited in numbers. I’m not sure how people can get perms to add members. I know some of the regions by name and what world they are in. Soo, maybe just give a name and town, what world it is in.

  • I’d like to use Prism on the server. It allows people to search for a:kills without having to type specific player names. Good at general searches. Highly configurable. Works on Spigot. Zombiemold uses it on his server, which is a Spigot server.

    At least lets give it a try. 😀

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    It would be entirely false to say that Chef doesnt do anything to help people on the server. I myself would like to play on the server peacefully and often get enthralled witg building projects. It would be unfair for people to puck on one member of staff and favor another. Being a mod wears on me sometimes i go into vanish to escape the immediate…[Read more]

  • Thats why firespread is off and tnt not allowed. Threats can count as harassment. Ender is right to take screenshots and log chat. This is going in my log book.

  • AZWozzeck replied to the topic Chefchouchon in the forum Server Reports 2 years, 11 months ago

    Pouring Lava-buckets on people still counts as grief. I believe only 1 was used. That’s what I found in logs. But aside from that, arguing is not going to change what has already happened. As far as I know, this is becoming very political and would be a dangerous slope to stand on.

  • AZWozzeck replied to the topic Chefchouchon in the forum Server Reports 2 years, 11 months ago

    Hence this is a reason why I started doing the grief logger. I made some suggestions about bannings, that staff could tempban offline players. Because before, perma bans were only executable for offline players.

  • AZWozzeck replied to the topic DreadedEnder in the forum Server Reports 2 years, 12 months ago

    Welp, screenshots and chat logs don’t lie. I dislike having to see arguments amongst players. Above all, I greatly dislike it when players argue against staff. From this day forward I will keep documentation of griefs and any sort of mayhem players can conjure. This would be done in a Excell or Numbers document, like what I use for a more densely…[Read more]

  • Well, this is what I would like. I would like for Mods to get more command power, /cc (clear chat) and to be able to /tempban offline individuals, maybe /smite as well for rule breakers in action. If these cannot be granted to mods, we would need new admins or have our old admins come back to the server.

    Chef, skull, and I are your most dedicated…[Read more]

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    Derpy dragon. lol. My work from a server that shut down before I could finish it. 😮

  • AZWozzeck started the topic Balancing of Staff in the forum Suggestions 3 years ago

    As a mod, sometimes I get bombarded with commands to move things and protect things. We could use a balancing of the staff ranks. The addition of the [Helper] rank does help. I do notice that lot of the staff are not online often, if not very rarely. So I think that it should be possible. For current [Helper]s to get an opportunity to advance in…[Read more]

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    A Mod app sounds pretty good. I’m looking forward to what it’ll entail. Hopefully we can get some good apps in. We’re in need of someone that has more time to dedicate to the server. Us older people have stuff like college, work, and life in general to worry about. Some young blood would be good. Definitely has to be someone responsible and dependable doe.

  • Well if the two of them are friends in real life. I suppose it won’t be bad to unban him.

    Next time, I would like a list of names of town residents, that way I can set up protections for it. The easiest way to keep grief to a minimum would be to set up a region with residential members on the list. Just makes things easier to track when I can see…[Read more]

  • Oh wow. Never realised that is what it looks like. XD

    Strange coincidence, if yall are offended. Thos heli blades can be changed up.

  • Well, I hope things work out for everyone. It seems that many of us bring our life drama to work or a server. Perhaps it is best to take a break for some self reflection. Because I met Arizona in real life. Arizona, you seemed like your were an okay kid but a lot of people push you around. It will take a lot of maturity to get pass the point of…[Read more]

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