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    This is not involving Space Craft, there is just no other fourm to post YouTube stuff.
    Hi Waffle, recently I have been playing Age of Empires 3. It is a great game for war strategy, like Civilazations 5, and it has hilarious cheat codes. There is a campaign, but when I play I tend to only play skirmish, a mode where you create a town and army and a whole colony. Weather you play the campaign or skirmish mode, you can customize the town background at the menu screen, making it even more fun to level up and unlock new designs of buildings and decorations. A downside is only Age of Empires 2 is on steam, but you can buy the disc with expansion packs for a most $50. Lastly, this game is very action packed. You get right Into defending your please from enemy explores who will later seize the town, or try. This game can be long depending on how you play, making it a good game for livestreaming on YouTube or Twitch. Hope you will play is on YouTube and as always thanks for your time. ~Swimmer

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    My friend teamtwiistz plays that game. I may dibble dabble in it on my own and see if i like it. But I do plan on playing the new Starcraft 2 expansion on my channel when it comes out in a couple weeks, so there’s a strategy game there if you like real-time strategy instead of turn based grand strategy.

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    Decent game

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    Nathan Naumann

    Hey Waffle will you help me with a level on starcraft 2 it’s really hard?

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