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Mini-FAQ (Please read before using this form)

Q. Would you like to join our network?
A. Waffle already runs his own MCN that he manages, therefore he has no interest in joining any other network.

Q. Would you like to make videos on our server?
A. I don’t accept offers to record on Minecraft servers, whether they’re paid or not paid, I just don’t do that.

Q. Would you like to collaborate with my channel?
A. I only collaborate with YouTube channels that are considered “established” meaning if you regularly upload videos and have a fanbase similar in size to mine that regularly watches your videos, I may consider your offer.

Q. Could you give me a shoutout or promote my channel?
A. I don’t give shout outs. If you want promotion from me you’ll have to do videos with me. See the above question about collaboration.

Q. Why don’t you do a face reveal?
A. I don’t want to.

If you are a fan who just wants to say hello or ask a quick question, it is better that you send me a tweet on twitter @Waffleverse since I will respond there faster than here.

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