The Future of The Waffloid Server

hihowareya I don’t know how much longer The Waffloid Server will be running, hopefully for a decently long time. But right now we are running quite low on funds, thanks mainly to the EULA taking away all the good perks of donating which paid for the server. With the doubling the server’s capacity in December of last year, adding a private Teamspeak server, getting a brand new website, ... »

New SpaceCraft Wallpapers!

New SpaceCraft Wallpapers!

That’s right. If you’re interested you can go download the brand new SpaceCraft desktop wallpaper! Available in all the major screen resolutions for 16:9 and 16:10 monitors! »

New Feature: Donation Goals

hihowareya So with the whole EULA garbage going on, it is going to be a lot harder to fund The Waffloid Server (hosting, plugin development, etc.), so in order to further incentivize donations I have come up with a new feature coming soon! Right now you can see on The Waffloid Server Store we have a monthly like goal in place, once we hit that like goal (currently set at $50) then everyone on the ... »

Minecraft EULA, The Waffloid Server, & You

hihowareya So today’s the day. The day where us server owners must comply with the new rules and regulations of the Minecraft EULA. In this little post I’ll go over a few changes to the server that we are doing to comply with the new gross EULA. Donations are currently unavailable until further notice available, but as of right now they only give you the cosmetic prefix tag for the res... »

50% OFF Ranks Until August 1st!

hihowareya We’re currently running a sale on The Waffloid Server’s store where you can save 50% OFF all ranks until August 1st! That means Delicious rank is $12.50 and Diamond rank is now $7.50! Also upgrading from lower tier ranks to higher tier ranks get 50% OFF the difference in price. This is in light of the new EULA changes that will take effect on August 1st, so if you want to ta... »

New Survival World Coming Soon!

hihowareya, As stated in a recent forum thread, the server will be getting a brand-spankin’ new survival world as soon as Minecraft 1.8 comes out and as soon as Spigot has a build for it! Of course to make sure the server doesn’t explode from having 3 giant survival worlds, we’ll have to part ways with the original survival world from 2013 :^( If there are many people interested,... »

The Waffloid Server Summer Sale!

To celebrate people starting to get on delicious summer break, I decided to have a Summer Sale for ranks on The Waffloid Server! From June 1st until June 8th you can save 25% OFF all ranks! This means Delicious rank, normally $25, is now $18.75! Emerald rank, normally $20, is now $15! And even the lower ranks get a significant discount! So if you haven’t already, be sure to take advantage of... »

New plugin: Reporter

Hello Waffloids I just added the Reporter plugin to the server! This plugin allows you to report grief to the mods whether they are online or offline! You can also report other things such as rules being broken, h4x, or other things you think the mods need to know. Below you can find some helpful tips on how to use it. For regular players: /report ! [description] – This will send a general r... »

Server Now Compatible With MC 1.7.9

That’s right, if for some reason you’re using a 1.7.9 client you can now connect to the Waffloid server. Previous clients are still able to connect. Server IP: »

Website Is Back!

hihowareya Finally the website is back, but it’s not 100%. As you may notice there are a lot of things missing, such as the server page (which I’m working on rebuilding), but we also have a lot of new stuff! Such as the new forum! This is where most of the good stuff on the website will be. You can talk about whatever relating to my YouTube channel of my Minecraft server in the two for... »

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