The Nibble Season 2?


So last year I had a series called The Nibble which was basically a series where I play a different game each episode and the viewers would let me know whether or not I should continue that game in its own series. It was fairly successful with a few games being greenlighted for a series, but I totally forgot to make series on those games lol. I originally planned on making about 10 episodes for The Nibble before actually starting any series for it, but I ended up having so much fun making the series that we ended up with 14 episodes. Now I’m thinking of possibly making this a yearly series, kind of like Spore in the summer, where we would have The Nibble in the Fall and then we would start series for the greenlighted games the following year (after new year’s).

So I’m definitely looking forward to starting what would essentially be The Nibble season 2. I’ll need to round up a pretty good core list of games and then let the viewers suggest other games for the remaining episode of the series. I am thinking maybe we could have another 14 – 20 episodes for season 2, which would be quite a lot of games indeed.

While this happens, I could also be starting up some of the games from season 1 of The Nibble just to make up for my lack of doing so earlier in the year.

TL;DR: Thinking of renewing The Nibble for a second season. Also planning on starting the greenlighted season 1 Nibble games’ series soon as well.

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  1. gamergoomister - November 7, 2014, 7:06 pm Report user

    cool,sounds good

  2. Chef - November 4, 2014, 1:42 am Report user

    Sounds goooood