December Channel Update (Happy Holidays!)


It’s been a while since I’ve done a channel update on here, so might as well update everyone on what I have planned for the channel. So Christmas Shopper Simulator recently ended just in time for Christmas, and looks like I Am Bread will go on indefinite hiatus soon. Episode 8 of I Am Bread is when we beat the bathroom level, and there are currently no levels after that. So, looks like that series will be put on the side until they update and add more maps for me to play.

Skygrind is also getting close to ending. We only have a few quests left until the end, so I’d say we only have about 5 or so episodes left at least. Playing Skygrind and even Simburbia a few months ago made me realize how enjoyable singleplayer maps are to play and even record. Skygrind seems to be doing quite nicely as well with episode 1 recently breaking 3,000 views. So I definitely plan on doing more singleplayer custom maps in the future. As well as multiplayer maps, like the recent Mystery of Gliston I did with TeamTwiistz. What singleplayer map will replace Skygrind when the series ends? Who knows. I still have to go out and look for some, but in the meantime I may just do a shorter singleplayer map until I can find a more long term map on the level of Skygrind or Simburbia.

Spore Galactic Adventures is still a possibility, although I would love to get into some of those games from season 1 of The Nibble. Games such as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Bastion, Evoland, and The Stanley Parable. Those episodes seemed to be some of the more liked episodes of The Nibble, so those will be the first games I dive into very soon. Super Meat Boy is also a possibility, but I don’t know if I will be starting that due to an upcoming series idea that would interfere with that.

What’s this idea of a new series? Well I had this idea doing one of those super hard games every week as a sort of weekly challenge. I would first pick a really hard and rage inducing game like The Impossible Game or one of those Boshy games or even Super Meat Boy. Then every week I would upload an episode about 20 mins long of me just playing it and hopefully making progress in the game. I feel this would add a bit more variety to my channel and would be something to look forward to every week to see if I get any progress done or just generally rage lol.

And that’s essentially it, if I come up with any other updates I will either add it to this post or just make a new post entirely.


TL;DR: I Am Bread is going to be on indefinite hiatus after Episode 8 due to there being no more levels just yet. Will be looking for a new singleplayer custom map to play after Skygrind finishes. Looking forward to playing some of those games from The Nibble season 1 (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Bastion, Evoland, and The Stanley Parable). And a new series idea where I would play a super hard game (Impossible Game, Super Meat Boy, I Wanna Be The Guy / Boshy / those types of games) for 20 minutes every week to see how much progress I can make or just generally rage.

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  1. TheDood - February 2, 2015, 2:06 pm Report user

    Game ideas: Surgeon Simulator? Goat Simulator? Kerbal Space Program is a fun game! or maybe even do some gmod(im still new to your channel so idk if u did gmod already)? u can have the viewers give u challenges to do on gmod!
    Minecraft Map ideas: How about Bodil40’s parkour maps? u and your friends can have a race to see who finishes first! maybe the Search for the lost Potato map? The Walls? Sky wars?

    these are just some ideas. most people seem to like these maps and games. maybe this will help your channel grow.

    • Waffle - February 3, 2015, 3:35 pm

      I’ve already done Surgeon Simulator and the lost potato maps as well as sky wars and mega walls