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December Channel Update (Happy Holidays!)

hihowareya It’s been a while since I’ve done a channel update on here, so might as well update everyone on what I have planned for the channel. So Christmas Shopper Simulator recently ended just in time for Christmas, and looks like I Am Bread will go on indefinite hiatus soon. Episode 8 of I Am Bread is when we beat the bathroom level, and there are currently no levels after that. So,... »

The Waffloid Server 1.6 World Download

hihowareya So a few weeks ago we updated The Waffloid Server to 1.8 bidding a farewell to our old and original survival world. This world has been with us since the inception of the server and it holds a lot of memories, as well as a lot of data. With the world clocking in at around 7gb and the compressed size of about 4gb this took quite a while to get online, but now you can finally download it.... »

The Waffloid Server: 1.8 Update! [Please Read]

hihowareya So the day has finally come, we are now running Minecraft 1.8! This does mean a lot of things are likely broken and need to be fixed, so if you find something that isn’t working properly like a plugin or something else, be sure to to leave a comment down below so I can fix the issue! I will be working on adding the 1.8 survival world very soon. I am still looking for a good seed t... »

I Am Bread Ep.1 – SPIDER BREAD!!! (I Am Bread)

I Am Bread Ep.1 – SPIDER BREAD!!! (I Am Bread)

I Am Bread! I Am Bread is a Funny Simulator Game about being a slice of Bread that just wants to become Toast! Join me in the Wacky and Crazy and Silly adventures of I Am Bread! :^D ▶︎ I Am Bread series playlist ▶︎ Buy I Am Bread on Steam ▶︎ Follow Me On Twitter! :^D »