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New Sub-Forum: Waffloid Server Towns!

hihowareya I just created a brand new sub-forum under The Waffloid Server Forum¬†where users can discuss towns they either own or are a part of! I thought this would be a nice addition to the website so users who are members of certain towns can have a place to talk about activities relating to their town, or just as a place to promote your town to new players. You can click here to visit the new s... »

Minecraft 1.8 And The Waffloid Server

hihowareya So today is September 2nd, the day Minecraft 1.8 gets the long awaited release. In a previous news post I mentioned how the server will be retiring the old pre-1.7 world in favor of getting a new 1.8 survival world. Well the server is ready to update right here, right now, as we speak, so anything is possible. Well I am going to wait 3 days until I update the server, that should be enou... »